Waterproof Solar-Powered Collapsible LED Lantern (With Cell Phone Charging Port)

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Waterproof Solar-Powered Collapsible LED Lantern (With Cell Phone Charging Port)

When you need a reliable and sustainable light, this versatile solar-powered collapsible LED lantern delivers. And not only does it provide a powerful light, but it comes with a cell phone charging port (USB) so you never have to worry about being stranded without a way to charge your phone.

This little rugged device is waterproof and collapses down to a convenient 1.7 x 3.35 inch size, so you can take it anywhere. When it is expanded, it could be used as a regular lantern to illuminate the inside of your tent (or home in case of a power outage). If you compress it into it's puck-like shape, you can still use it as a flashlight to illuminate your way in the dark.

You can charge the lantern via solar power as well as USB charge port.

Our lantern also features a smart protection chip which increases the lantern’s safety by fighting against overcharging or over-discharging.


1. Solar Charging: Three individual solar panels power the charging when no outlets are available. Sustainable light for any use!

2. Versatile Lighting Source: Choose from one of three lighting modes: High, Low or SOS Blinking. 

3. Convenient to Carry: The light is portable and collapsible. In can be easily adjusted to any particular space to fit your current needs. It can be used in both of it's forms.

4. Easy To Hang: Hidden hanging hook design allows you to hang the light conveniently in your tent, off a branch or even on your deck back at home.

5. Smart Protection Chip: Protecting your lantern from overcharging or over-discharging; guarantees safety in utilization.

 Package Contents:
- 1 x Solar LED Lantern
- 1 x Micro USB Cable
- 1 x User Manual

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