The Solar Clover - Solar Powered Portable Collapsible LED Light

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The Solar Clover - Solar Powered Portable Collapsible LED Light 

This light-weight solar powered lantern offers sustainable light that can be recharged simply by leaving it out in the sun! Never be without light with Solar Clover!

The clover-shaped design offers versatility so that your lantern can be hung or set to stand on its base. The three wings of the clover design can be adjusted independently to set the perfect lighting for each particular condition. Fully opening the clover gives you maximum coverage, perfect for hanging... while closing it will give you a more focused flashlight usage.

Stuck in the rain or prepping for your trip and there's just no sun to charge the lantern? No problem! When not charging it via the solar panels, you can charge it via Micro USB. The Micro USB port allows you to quickly charge in only 3.5 hours so you can always be prepared.

In case you are out in the wilderness for a while (or you just want to be awesome and use solar power), three individual solar panels also deliver smooth charging. The smart protection chip ensures safety by preventing it from overcharging, over-discharging or over-circuit.

A great purchase for those that are always prepared!


1. Solar Charging: Three individual solar panels power the charging when no outlets are available. Sustainable light for any use!

2. Versatile Lighting Source: Choose from one of three lighting modes: High, Low or SOS Blinking. 

3. Convenient to Carry: The light is portable and collapsible. In can be easily adjusted to any particular space to fit your current needs. Smaller than iPhone 6 plus, it can be folded down completely to take the least space in your backpack.

4. Easy To Hang: Hidden hanging hook design allows you to hang your Solar Clover conveniently in your tent, off a branch or even on your deck back at home.

5. Smart Protection Chip: Protecting your lantern from overcharging or over-discharging; guarantees safety in utilization.


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