FOX Strike Fire Starter

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FOX Strike Fire Starter

Fire is essential to survival, whether it is for heat or for cooking food and keeping something lightweight and safe on-hand to get a fire started is part of Survival 101. Add this to your bug-out bag or even your everyday travel kit to ensure you are never without the ability to start a fire when you need one. How to use:

  1. Scrape some magnesium powder from the magnesium stone onto flammable material like paper.
  2. Place the flint on ground at about 45° and 1 inch from the magnesium powder, then scrape the flint stone fast to make some spark so as to light up the flammable material.
  • Material: Flint stone, magnesium stone, scraper (iron)
  • Magnesium Diameter: 0.15" (approx)
  • Total Length: 2.36" (approx)
  • Stick Length: 1.38" (approx)
  • Weight: 9oz

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