Survival Gear Central's Top 5 Solar-Powered Picks

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Solar powered survival gear is not only super cool, but it's very practical. In our modern day, one of the most important needs is to stay connected, whether that's to connect with family or to call for help.

So we decided to take a look at our top five solar-powered gear picks. These are all choices we felt would be a huge asset to anyone's survival gear collection or bug out bag.

These choices are all useful, unique and sustainable. Take a look!


#1. The 3-in-1 Emergency Radio w/ LED Flashlight & Cell Phone Charger (Hand Crank & Solar Powered)

We chose this bad boy as one of our top picks because of just how robust it is. We love solar powered gear, but most of the options out there serve only one purpose or their multi-purpose options aren't very compelling. This one has two very solid purposes with a decent third one. The second big reason we chose this one was that it doesn't just have the solar power option, but also the hand crank.

An emergency radio provides a way to stay up to date with what is going on, so in any major emergency situation you can tune in and know how best to protect yourself and your family.

Adding the cell phone charger means you will never be in that helpless situation where you can't get just a few more minutes of charge on your phone to make that important call to emergency personnel or family.

And finally, the LED flashlight just rounds out this great product.

Overall, this is our favorite solar item on the list!

-Check it out here.


#2. Waterproof Solar-Powered Collapsible LED Lantern (With Cell Phone Charging Port)


Having a solar powered light is a key item for any survival kit or bug out bag to ensure you always have a way to light up whatever emergency or adventure that presents itself. As far as solar-powered LED lights go, this one rises to the top due to a few key features.

First, it's a bright light with three options (High, Low, SOS) and while no one ever uses SOS on a regular basis, there may come a time you need it. 

Second, this little LED light collapses into a VERY small "puck" for easy storage. And when we say very small, we mean it! The collapsed size is only 1.7in x 3.35in. And you can still use it while collapsed as a hand flashlight instead of a lantern. How cool is that?!

And third, it includes a cell phone charging port via USB! This is one of the reasons we gave this one the #2 spot... because it's not only a great choice in terms of a solar powered light, but also has the ability to get you out of a tight spot by charging your cell phone.

(Oh, and did we mention it's waterproof!)

-Check it out here.



#3. The Solar Kit - Complete Solar Powered Survival Kit & Bug Out Bag

Survival Kits rarely come with their own solar powered backpack (trust us, we looked!), but this kit comes with not only all of the essentials for an emergency situation, but a backpack that can provide sustainable power to charge your cell phone or other emergency devices and can stay connected to loved ones or emergency personnel.

We included this one in our top picks because it's such an unusual item to find and comes with just about everything you need for a basic kit, plus the solar backpack... and the solar panel is 100% waterproof.

You are getting not only the solar backpack, a portable stove, stainless steel cup, flashlight, survival whistle, blanket, poncho, first aid kit, dust mask and more... but also 32 total servings of food along with water pouches. Everything you need from the gear to the food for 5 days. Most survival kits are built around a 72-hour survival time, but this one has the extra two days of food.

Not our top pick because it's a higher ticket item, but still worthy of being in our 5 picks.

-Check it out here.



#4. Deluxe Rugged Waterproof Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger 10000mah Dual-USB

Having a solid solar powered power bank to charge cell phones or other key devices can means the different between being completely cut off from the world and being able to make that important call. 

We included this one in our top picks not just because a solar-powered power bank is an essential, but because of just how robust and rugged it is. It's designed to handle the rough outdoors (waterproof, shockproof and dustproof) and still manages to look pretty cool.

With two USB ports, you can charge two phones at once, which definitely gave this one a few extra points.

-Check it out here.



#5. The Solar Clover - Solar Powered Portable Collapsible LED Light

The Solar Clover is one of our favorites, although we felt it landed in the #5 spot because the other four choices had just so many reasons to be featured. That said, this really cool looking clover-shaped LED light is solar powered and can hang from just about anywhere while still taking a charge.

The light is very bright and has three options (High, Low and SOS) and while no one ever uses SOS on a regular basis, there may come a time you need it. It also collapses for easy storage and can be used in both it's open and collapsed states.

The USB port can also give your phone a charge, but it's not a strong one, which pushed this choice down a little bit. It's still a fantastic choice in terms of having a bright, sustainable light for emergencies or even adventures like camping or hiking.

This one also comes in orange... and we love orange!

-Check it out here.

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